Compact design

The WaterCube2 is slightly smaller than a washing machine and requires very little floor space. Its footprint is only 500 x 570 mm (20 x 23 inch) with a height of 950 mm (38 inch). It can be placed anywhere where there is adequate ventilation, protected from direct exposure to sun and rain. The size and the design ensure that the machine will fit in any environment. After installtion the water purifier will run automatically and unattended.

Similarly, the Watermaker series is very compact. The products measure from  740 x 400 x 480 mm (29 x 17 x 16 inch) to 120 x 40 x 49 cm (49 x 16 x 19 inch)  for the WM9000B.  This compact size also reduces shipping costs, as especially the WM4800E fits easily onto a standard pallet.