Low energy costs

The power consumption for the WaterCube series is very low for a salt water reverse osmosis plant and significantly lower than competing machines. You can rest assured that the low power consumption is our priority and we work hard to further reduce the energy consumption and at this time the power consumption is typically below 1 kWh. This translates into a power consumption of 3.5 kWh/m3 (13 kWh/1000 gallon). At the same time we aim to make it simple to connect the WaterCube2 to solar power plants.

The WM-E line of products is based on the same energy recovery technology technology  as the WaterCube 2and the WM4800E has the same low power consumption. The WM9000E performs even better with a power consumption of only 2.4 kWh/m3 (9 kWh/1000 gallon) of water produced, a record low energy consumption in sea water RO. If you use it in less salty water the power consumption will fall even more.

While the WM-B line of products does not employ an energy recovery system the products still run at  low energy consumption. The higher the production rate, the lower the power consumption, down to 5.9 kWh/m3 (22 kWh/1000 gallon) of water producted. This is far below what most competitors are able to offer.