The product range

The range of products manufactured as standard, consist of two series of systems!

The WM B-Series and the WM E-Series. The WM E-Series is fully automatic and in equipped with one of the words most efficient and robust energy recovery devices for small waters makers. Energy recovery is a technique that minimizes the amount of energy used to produce freshwater….and it is for sure reducing running cost with up to 70%. The WM B-series are without energy recovery and will require manual control of membrane pressure. All the systems are available with GSM modules enabling remote control and monitoring via you mobile phone or your computer. 

Our units are used for standard power supply as well as generators and solar power in remote locations. The units can produce op to 18.700 liter/day - 4.940 gallon/day of brilliant freshwater enabling any household, resort clusters of houses and even small village to be independed of any other water supply, climate change etc.

Watermaker Series Overview


The same output as the WaterCube! Integrated Energy Recovery. GSM as an option. Capacity: 4800 l/day – 1268 g/day.


One of the most efficient water Makers in the world. Fully automatic, Energy Recovery included. Capacity 9000 l/day – 2378 g/day, GSM as option.


One of our most efficient water Maker. Fully automatic, Energy Recovery included. Capacity 11000 l/day – 2906 g/day GSM as option.


Our largest unit, scaling up the WM11000E to have two membrane sets and a capacity of 22000 l/day – 5812 g/day.


A simple and robust water maker with a capacity of 4000 l/day - 1057 g/day manually adjusted with GSM as an option.


The bigger brother of the WM4000B with the same high quality components capable of producing 9000 l/day – 2378 g/day.


Our largest unit without energy recovery, scaling up the WM9000B to have two membrane sets and a capacity of 18700 l/day – 4940 g/day.