Up to 11000 liters/2906 gallons per day - for large private homes, small and medium sized hotels, remote communities in islands or coastal areas

The latestA larger models in the Watermaker series is the Watermaker WM 11000E-340. This model also has a patented energy recovery system which cuts the power consumption to around 2.2 kWh/m³ (8.3 kWh/1000 gallons) or better. This Watermaker is designed to operate completely automatically and the integrated, custom made controller does away with all the normal inconveniences of reverse osmosis systems. At the same time the Watermaker is incredibly compact, the WM11000E measuring only up to 1192 x 504 x 412 mm (47 x 20 x 16 inches), exclusive of the small control box, and weighs only 90 kg. This practical design makes access to all components easy and quick. This new Watermaker gives the customer great value for money.

Water production costs are typically less than Euro 0.6/US$ 0.8 per m³ or around US$ 3 - 4 per 1000 gallons.

With a production of 11,000 litresliters per day (2906 GPD) the WM11000E-340 is ideal for large private homes, backup water systems, light commercial use in e.g. hotels and resorts etc. and for remote community water supply in developing regions based on salty ground water or even sea water as source.

Please contact us for more information on the excellent features and qualities of this Watermaker and the very special offer during the introduction period.

The WM11000E-340:  Compact, easy to service, extremely energy efficient....yet powerful.