Up to 4000 liters/1057 gallons per day - the economical solution, affordable for everybody

AqSep is now releasingoffers the WM4000B-321 sea water RO Watermaker which is based on the advanced technology of the WaterCube2 and the WM-E line of products. The Watermaker is designed to operate completely automatically and the integrated custom made controller does away with all the normal inconveniences of reverse osmosis systems, with only a single valve remaining to adjust pressure. At the same time the Watermaker is incredibly compact, measuring only approximately 734 x 400 x 402 mm (29 x 16 x 16 inches), exclusive of the control box. The practical design makes access to all components easy and quick and gives the customer great value for money.

The WM4000B is a very economical solution with an adequate water production for many purposes.

The WM4000B-321